About SFG

In October 2017 millions of people around the globe publicly shared personal accounts of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault using the rallying cry Me Too — including this site’s creators. Since then a flood of high profile accounts have surfaced and lawsuits are being pursued against men in positions of power for their harassment and abuse of others.

Most accounts are focused on influential people such as celebrities, politicians or the media. But sexism happens every day to people around the globe. We want to help everyday people identify all forms of sexism and offer them tools to confront it.

Why a field guide?

Many are coming forward years or even decades after their harassment/abuse. We may think of a remark hours or weeks after being bullied at work or catcalled in the street. This was the genesis of Sexism Field Guide (SFG). We want to help people confront sexism and abuse in the moment so appropriate action can be taken in the moment. So others know their behavior is unacceptable, and we will hold them accountable.

SFG aims to capture the breadth of situations and provide a spectrum of actionable options for people of any race, gender, sexuality, economic class, education, ability, personality type — and across industries and cultures. We are just getting started. Your submissions will help.

It isn’t the whole solution, but it can help. Research shows that confronting people in the moment can help reduce behaviors down the road.

Remember, you are not alone. Millions around the globe are standing with you.

We are experiencing a rare chance to course-correct in the aftermath of Weinstein — let’s take it.

Because no one should put up with sexism.